Our core range of beef comes from our farm in Ecton although we cannot guarantee to have our own throughout the year so a number of suppliers are hand selected by Thomas using a variety of breeds from a range of farms across the UK. Each piece of meat that we cut has been raised naturally, and lived the best possible life free from growth promoters, hormones and cruelty.


The head of the fillet, a perfect roast for two

Diced Chuck

Cut from the shoulder with plenty of marbling

Fillet Steak

The most tender cut on the carcass, lean and soft

Flat Iron Steak

An ‘on trend’ steak full of flavour and bite

Rib Eye Steak

Thick cut steak with heavy marbling

Rib Roast

The mother of all roasting joints, plenty of marbling for flavour

Rolled Topside

A traditional roasting joint with added fat for moisture

Rolled Silverside

A leaner cut, similar to topside, for a more economical roast

Rolled Sirloin

A classic British roasting joint with superior tenderness

Rump Steak

Cut from the rump, less tender but more flavourful

Sirloin Steak

Cut from the loin, a lean, tender steak

T-Bone Steak

A combination of sirloin and fillet on the bone